We were all about kicking it and staying inside this week with our movies, television shows, online grocery shopping and CBD-infused candy. We rounded up some of our most-recommended food-centric films and documentaries, caught up with comedian Nelufar Hedayat and talked about her new show, watched a video demo of the world’s smallest sushi and listened to Chopped judge Marc Murphy recount his time growing up abroad on our podcast. We also chilled out over the news of Los Angeles hotels serving CBD-laced gummies in mini bars. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. For those who want to eat like the chefs do, there’s Where Chefs Eat.
  2. These L.A. hotels just added some very chill gumdrops to the mini-bar.
  3. Start your night off with these herby goat cheese-filled eggplant rolls.
  4. If your food obsession isn’t satiated at mealtime, check out these food films.
  5. This television documentary series explores why our food systems are failing us.
  6. This online retailer just made it easier to buy sustainable meat and seafood.
  7. Chef Marc Murphy tells us how he got into cooking on this episode of Food Republic Today.
  8. Comedian Aparna Nancherla isn’t into “bleeding” veggie burgers.
  9. What exactly is CBD?
  10. How many grains of rice does it take to make the world’s smallest sushi?