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Warm, beefy ribs as tender as they can be!

On chilly rainy days, there’s nothing better than slow-braising a batch of short ribs. While the traditional methods are foolproof, some newer techniques have caught our attention. Our friends at ChefSteps wrote in with a fall-off-the-bone tender recipe for short ribs prepared with a sous vide setup. Yes, it will take 24 hours to braise, but that gives you time to think of all the side dishes you can sop up those juices with. Perhaps a warm dish of polenta, or couscous?

Bomb Braised Short Ribs

Serves 4; 24 hours


  • 400 grams onion, about 1 large
  • 140 grams celery, about 3 stalks
  • 140 grams carrots, about 1 large
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 beef, short ribs, plate, cut into four portions
  • Salt, as needed
  • Black pepper, coarsely ground, as needed
  • Cooking oil, as needed
  • 45 grams tomato paste
  • 250 grams red wine
  • 45 grams demi-glace, homemade or store bought
  • 0.2 grams chili flakes


  • Sous vide setup
  • Microplane
  • Sous vide bags


  1. Preheat your Joule or sous vide. When it comes to short ribs, you’ve got options. They’re tender and steaky at 158 °F / 70 °C, soft and super succulent at 167 °F / 75 °C, and braisey and delicious at 176 °F / 80 °C. Check out the Joule app to see videos of our favorite options.
  2. Finely dice the onion and celery. Peel and grate carrots and garlic.
  3. Season the short ribs on both sides with salt and pepper.
  4. Add oil to a pan over medium-high heat. Let it get really, really hot. Then add the meat and sear until golden brown, about two minutes per side.
  5. Sweat the veggies over medium-high heat.
  6. Once the onions are translucent, add tomato paste. Then add the wine, demi-glace, and chili flakes, and reduce to a thick glaze.
  7. Once the meat and glaze have cooled, add them to your bag. Don’t let it get too crowded in there—use more than one bag if necessary.
  8. Cook the short ribs for 24 hours. For long cooks, it’s important to cover your pot to reduce evaporation. Use a lid or some high-quality plastic wrap, then let Joule do its thing while you prepare the house for a rib part-ay.
  9. Serve it up! We think these short ribs taste wicked delicious with polenta or couscous, but they’re great over rice and noodles too.

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