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Some craft brewers are canning beers to appeal to younger audiences. (Photo: mikeyboydotcom/Flickr.)

Boston Beer will be releasing two new brews under the Samuel Adams brand in the next year: Sam Adams New England IPA and the SAM ’76. The latter will be rolled out in can form in hopes to attract millennials.

According to CNBC, a Nielsen report found that consumers are attracted to canned drinks because of their portability and because they’re more compatible with venues like concert grounds and beaches, where glass is generally prohibited. Aluminum cans also cost less to produce than bottles.

The canning trend has been growing over the past few years. In 2014, it was reported that about 20% of craft breweries in America canned their beers. Now canned wine and spiked seltzers are increasing in sales.

Other reasons to opt for cans include beer showers, beer can chicken, the satisfying sound of opening a can/crushing aluminum, not having to carry around a bottle opener and avoiding skunked or light-struck beer. How does beer get skunked? Find out in the video below.