Online music site Pitchfork is branching into the beer world with October, a site dedicated to the stuff.

Pitchfork’s creative studio partnered with ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s venture capital fund, to bring what could be the Pitchfork of beer sites. Good Beer Hunting founder Michael Kiser will be leading the site as executive editor with BeerGraphs’ Eno Sarris also on staff. The site will feature reviews and long-form essays as well as narrative pieces.

“Our goal is to tell stories at the intersections where beer becomes part of a bigger picture, as it does in both past and present,” Kiser writes in October’s inaugural piece. “So while we’ll be ambitious in our view of the future, forgive us for being a bit nostalgic at times too.”

Pitchfork’s president, Chris Kaskie, says in a statement that the website came to be after Pitchfork joined the Condé Nast brand.

October will also create video and podcast content.