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New research has found that cavemen ate plenty of vegetables. (Photo: lord-jim/Flickr.)

Looking for a new diet to accompany your new year? Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University have new information about the actual paleo diet based on archaeological findings. That whole zero-grain thing may not really be legit paleo.

The hunter-gatherer-style fad diet is based on what our ancient ancestors ate, which was believed to be heavily protein-based. According to Time, archeologists in Israel discovered 55 plant species that humans likely ate 780,000 years ago. These plants include vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits. The researchers write in the study that the previous thinking that early man followed a protein-based diet was based on animal skeletal remains. The study also found that cavemen also had a varied diet and ate seasonally.

In 2015, it was reported that researchers at the University of Florence discovered grains were also eaten by cavemen and women, stirring some controversy in the community.