A bowl of chankonabe, the traditional stew enjoyed by sumo wrestlers on a daily basis.

What do sumo wrestlers eat every day? It’s a question you’ve either pondered before or that genuinely intrigued you upon reading this headline. And for good reason. Sumo wrestling is generally (and accurately) associated with males of a certain weight class, as the main objective revolves around grappling with one’s opponent and forcing him out of the ring or onto the ground.

It turns out that many aspects of professional sumo wrestlers’ lives are strictly regimented, including diet. Our friends at Great Big Story have put together a highly informational video exploring the traditional dish of chankonabe, the famous soup known to help sumo wrestlers put on some serious size. The shoot takes place inside a restaurant run by former sumo champion Satoshi Kitayama, who explains the long history and variety of reasons behind consuming the flavorful stew.

Some of you out there might be thinking, “Soup? That’s it?” Consider its hearty contents, plus the fact that sumo wrestlers eat up to ten bowls a day alongside large portions of rice and regularly follow meals with sleep, and well, there you go. “Ramen on steroids,” as one astute YouTube commenter puts it. Take a look at the fascinating video below.