The ice cream–churning hippies at Ben & Jerry’s have released a sweet and optimistic call for unity in video form.

Titled “One Sweet World,” the short animated film depicts a sour lemon, with a swoop of hair that we’re familiar with, running for office in Coneville on the basis of a lemon-supremacist campaign. Signs at a rally read “Zest Is Best” and news headlines broadcast “Stop Cookies Stealing Our Dough” and “Go Home!” Cherries, marshmallows and raspberries are harassed and bullied by lemons until they decide to band together to build community centers and the like.

While the video below is more than reminiscent of the election that just put Americans through both extreme highs and lows, it was released through the company’s European channels, where recent elections have also had xenophobic and racist overtones.

The company echoed this message in a letter to the United States president-elect, congratulating him on the win and asking him to serve all Americans, “regardless of race or gender or religion or sexual orientation or economic status.”

[h/t Co. Create]