Tofu is so much more than the white cubes in your stir-fry. As dedicated tofu fans, as well as observers of Meatless Monday, we’re bringing you six recipes from your basic marinate ‘n roast to a cold hors d’oeuvre and even great sandwich fodder. Feel like a food project? Make tofu eel. But if all you’ve got time for is frying or roasting (or neither — sometimes a quick marinade’s all you need), we’ve got tonight’s dinner covered.

An elegant vegetarian dish for the Asian-food aficionado in your life.

Recipe: Baked Tofu With Julienned Snow Peas

Tofu is frequently included in dishes with meat because it adds another layer of texture — incredibly important to the Vietnamese plate. Trumpet mushrooms are known for their umami flavor, and combined with the onion roux, they give the sauce buttery texture and add a healthy, earthy richness to the normally plain tofu.

caprese pesto salad
Add some tofu and pesto to your regular caprese salad.

Recipe: Caprese Pesto Kale Salad With Crispy Tofu

This salad is not only easy to make but also packed with protein, nutrients, and Italian flavors. Bites of fresh mozzarella are mixed with sweet cherry tomatoes, baby kale, tofu crispy enough to be mistaken for croutons, and a flavorful basil pesto dressing.

yakko tofu recipe
Tiny little tofu bites to keep you satisfied. (Photo: Sam Horine.)

Recipe: Yakko Tofu Bites

Everyone has their favorite consistency of tofu…except maybe me. I like them all and can attest that this recipe is delicious whether you’re a silken man or more of an extra-firm dude. If you’re using silken, keep in mind that it’s very delicate when draining and can fall apart if you don’t handle it tenderly, like a rectangular newborn baby made of bean curd. If you have any left over, just toss them in a stir-fry — they’ll be nice and premarinated.

citrus roasted tofu
Change up your tofu game and add some citrus flavors. (Photo: Susan Voisin.)

Recipe: Citrus-Roasted Tofu

Tofu fans will love the light, citrusy flavors that permeate this elegant dish.

Sesame Citrus Tofu Salad Recipe
This light vegetarian lunch is perfect for any day.

Recipe: Sesame Citrus Tofu Salad

This citrus tofu salad recipe, courtesy of celebrated chef Kimmy Tang at Beverly Hills French-Vietnamese restaurant 9021PHO, is a perfect light, vegetarian lunch with tons of flavor. The dressing is great for any salad that could use a bright Asian twist, so make extra and keep it in the fridge for a week just in case, for salads, marinades or even a light dipping sauce.

Spicy, succulent marinated tofu pan-fried to a golden-brown crunch is delicious over rice or in a sandwich.

Recipe: Num Pang’s Spicy Glazed Tofu

Marinated with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, then seared and basted in a skillet, this tofu is all about caramelized edges and a deep, nutty flavor. It develops a soft bitterness as the sugar in the soy sauce concentrates and even burns a little in the hot pan. You can serve this with just about anything — we usually opt for sautéed leeks or Swiss chard.