Lunchtime: the beloved hour that allows us to stretch our legs, breath fresh air and catch some Pokémon! As children of the 1980s and 1990s, many of us headed straight to the app store for some grade-A nostalgia amid all the hubbub this week surrounding Pokémon Go. For the uninitiated, we’re referring to the location-based augmented-reality game that has so thoroughly captured the public imagination of late. It’s based on a two-decades-old Japanese video game in which humans compete to capture fictional creatures called Pokémon.

On Wednesday, we ventured out to the mean streets surrounding Food Republic headquarters equipped with Poké balls and caught us some Pokémon. Now, someone answer one question for us: Why are there so many Zubats in Herald Square?!

Bellsprout spotted in Madison Square Garden
No sprouts in that salad? Shame.
Staryu spotted at New York Bakery's soda case
Staryu prefers Mexican Coke at the New York Bakery.
Zubat spotted at Broadway Bites
This Zubat is up-to-date on all the latest trendy foodstuffs like Mr. Bing.
Zubat spotted at H Mart
Too many banchan choices for Zubat.
Pidgey spotted at H Mart
A Pidgey just chillin’ with some kimchi at H Mart.
Horsea spotted at fruit cart
Someone’s horsing around at the fruit cart.
Goldeen spotted at Rafiqi's Halal cart
Goldeen over rice at Rafiqi’s Halal cart, anyone?
Doduo spotted in Madison Square Garden
There’s enough watermelon for Doduo.
Weedle spotted at Halal cart
Weedle opted for the Halal cart across the street from Rafiqi’s.
Zubat spotted at New York Bakery
Someone catch that Zubat before it gets away with the arroz con pollo at New York Bakery!