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There's a beauty in chicken fingers.

“Fast, reliable, cheap” is how cook (don’t mistake him for a chef) Trev Daley describes his masterpieces, like frozen chicken fingers and nachos with fake cheese and salsa.

In the “Cooks” edition of “This Is That,” a series created by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, preparations of barbecue wings, burgers, and crudité are paired with classical music and slow-motion shots. Chicken fingers thrown in a fryer never looked so good.

The episode is an obvious parody of stuffy food shows like Chef’s Table and is definitely not in any way poking fun at high-quality programs like Mind of a Chef (which is produced by Food Republic parent company Zero Point Zero).

Daley gets down to the nitty-gritty of his food philosophy when he says, “If you’re not getting a dish out in eight minutes for under $14, you’re not doing a good job as a cook.” He also says, “Good food should always be served with a side of fries, or for an extra 50 cents, a Caesar salad.” He also lets viewers in on a little secret about making profits in the restaurant business.

Check out the hilarity below.