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Belly button fluff beer. What will they think of next? (Photo: quinndombrowski/Flickr.)

Belly button fluff is a weird thing. It’s both gross and not useful and should probably be left to its own devices. Oddly, however, the Australian beermakers at 7 Cent Brewery thought this should change and brewed a batch of belly button beer.

According to the Daily Mail, the specimens were harvested from the depths of the three brewers’ own navels, which raises the question of whether drinking the resulting beer involved some level of cannibalism. It’s definitely not vegan, that’s for sure. The brewery’s website states that yeast was cultivated from the samples and incorporated into three different beers, one of which will be poured for the public at the 2016 Great Australiasian Beer SpecTAPular (actual name).

Seven Cent Brewery’s website states that the yeast strain chosen “exhibits qualities of Belgian beer with the key characteristics being spiciness, clove and light banana esters.”

This isn’t the first time body yeast has been made into beer. Oregon’s Rogue Ales’ Beard Beer is brewed with their brewmaster’s beard yeast, and there’s an ongoing IndieGoGo campaign for the world’s first vaginal-yeast beer. Draw the line wherever you like.