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The "picnic" course at two-Michelin-starred restaurant Funky Gourmet in Athens, Greece.

London, Greece, Dubai — it was all in a week’s travel for us here at Food Republic. Equally as exciting as exploring the gastropubs, restaurants and brunch scenes in these foreign countries, however, was discovering hidden gems on our home soil. How did Bushwick, Brooklyn, become such a restaurant hotbed? Why is Chicago seafood better than ever? Did the world’s best espresso machine really make it to NYC? We tackled all these questions on the domestic front. At home, we tried out a new smokeless indoor grill, learned how to break down a whole chicken and studied the many, many different types of salt out there. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. A handy guide to the many (many) different kinds of salt.
  2. These seven London gastropubs are propelling British cuisine.
  3. How did Bushwick, Brooklyn, become an it-restaurant hood? We examine.
  4. We tested the new Philips smokeless indoor grill.
  5. Brunch is big in Dubai. Like, really big. Here’s a guide to where to go.
  6. A thorough, step-by-step guide to cutting a whole chicken.
  7. The king of espresso machines made its debut in NYC.
  8. This week’s biggest restaurant openings take us to NYC, L.A. and SF.
  9. Nico Osteria’s Erling Wu-Bower is making Chicago love seafood.
  10. These are the best restaurants in Greece.