TV host Adam Richman has lost over 70 pounds in the past couple of years.

Adam Richman made a name for himself by eating ridiculously massive portions of meaty restaurant dishes on TV. His gregarious personality engaged millions through his hosting of popular shows like Man vs. Food and Amazing Eats. Therefore, his Instagram outburst last summer — in which he fired off a number of explosive insults at multiple users critiquing his usage of a controversial hashtag and implied that one should commit suicide — shocked many of his fans. Not quite as shocking but perhaps just as surprising? The once husky, meat-loving television host has recently begun adhering to a vegan diet.

“I’ve been vegan for the past three months,” reveals Richman, whose Man Finds Food series debuted on the Travel Channel earlier this month after being delayed for almost a year due to the Instagram controversy, for which he has since apologized. The rapidly slimming host quickly clarifies that he’ll still eat a steak every now and then (we’re not quite sure how that makes him a vegan, either), but the proof is in the numbers: He’s lost over 70 pounds since wrapping up Man vs. Food. In the same piece, he goes on to talk about posing nude for a magazine, respecting animals and his obsession with soccer. It’s certainly a large spectrum of topics for a (formerly) large kinda guy.

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