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You'll never have to rummage around the "Things" section of your emoji keyboard for that darn taco emoji again. Your thoughts of "it must be there, it's a freaking taco, they have to have a taco" are completely mitigated and the Unicode Consortium has heard your dissent. This noble staple of the Mexican menu is officially under consideration to be sainted included in the emoji pantheon, expanding in mid-2015.

But wait, there's more! If you thought access to a taco emoji would improve your quality of life, the burrito is on that list too, and (somewhat to our dismay as I spent a lot of time inventing my own) a wedge of cheese. Of course there are other far more pressing symbols to add before considering how many fewer seconds it would take one roommate to ask the other if they want anything from the ::taco emoji:: place, but this is still an important moment in mobile techology and the long, storied history of Mexican cuisine.  

Check out the full list of candidates here and prepare to write more picture stories than your friends are probably willing to decipher. 

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