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What do Tom Colicchio, Bobby Flay, Linton Hopkins and Marc Vetri have in common? They are all great chefs, to be sure, but now, as part of Food Republic's annual Grilling Month, they have reached new heights. Behold, the Titans of Grilling, an illustrated guide to their expert advice about cooking outdoors. 

May is Grilling Month at Food Republic. It’s a wonderful time when we add to our usual programming a subject we all hold close to our hearts — the cooking of meats (and vegetables, sometimes) over a fire of incinerated charcoal (and gas flames, sometimes). There is also smoking involved. That's barbecue, people! We love barbecue. Over the past three years, we have interviewed many chefs and professional pitmasters about the art of grilling. Many have made us smarter, and better backyard cooks. But only a few have risen to the level of Grilling Gods, and now a mere 10 who have ascended to Grilling Titans. Illustration by Mike Houston.