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I'm in the mood for a really good veggie burger today, as I ate at least five different animals over the weekend and I'd like to just chill on this Meatless Monday. Plus, having become completely addicted to Bistro Beet Burgers and my own recipe for Indian veggie cutlets, I've come to really love a really good veggie burger. Note: really good. Not frozen with fake grill lines painted on.

Food Technology majors at Sweden's Lund University were given one of the Holy Grail challenges of the meatless community: creating a vegan burger packed with texture and flavor using no grain meal, soy or other additives. If you've ever tried to develop your own veggie burger recipe, you know how difficult it can be to just keep the thing together in the pan, let alone have it turn out so delicious you'd make it again.

Their goal was to maintain the toothsome crispiness of the vegetables, since as you might know veggie burgers, especially mass-produced or frozen ones, tend to be lacking in texture. Plus, the whole point of being vegetarian is to love vegetables for what they are and not steam and crush them into ground-up mushy oblivion.

Check out the process below, and whether it's a beet burger, vegetable cutlet, bean patty or portobello sandwich, make your veggie burger a good one

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