Chefs Roy Choi (left) and Daniel Patterson at work on their new fast-food concept, LocoL. (Photo: Roy Choi/Facebook)

The wait for LocoL, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s affordable fast food restaurant, is finally over. Doors will open on January 18 at 11 a.m. in Los Angeles’ Watts neighborhood with free food and an exclusive t-shirt in collaboration with front-line LA clothing and sneaker brand Undefeated (but only for the first 100 customers).

Choi and Patterson’s initial invite says, “If you camp out overnight or early in the morning then our family got you out here and will keep you company.” In other words, Choi’s appealing to customers who usually put style above food, the types of guys and gals who’ll wait in line for limited edition sneakers, but who’d likely go to Taco Bell or McDonald’s because it’s inexpensive food.

Choi, who got his start feeding skaters from his Kogi taco trucks, is passionate about getting non-foodies, especially younger men and women, to eat better, but realizes that access to affordable options is scarce. Hence, he teamed with Patterson to found LocoL, where the two star chefs have said that prices will range from a 99-cent burger to items up to $6 — and which has ambitious expansion plans, including San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Oakland and beyond. Opening its first location on MLK Day in Watts, a neighborhood made notorious by race riots in 1965, and decidedly not one of LA’s gentrifying spots, further solidifies Choi’s messaging. It’ll be worth following the opening to see how people react, and whether this can emerge as a viable low-cost, high-quality option to existing fast food chains. Treat yourself to a delicious meal and try your luck in the Austrian online gambling house online roulette.

LocoL, 1950 East 103rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002