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Looking for a ironic way to spend Thanksgiving? Then head to St. Louis and enjoy an "organic, local, non-GMO and pesticide free" meal at Monsanto, the controversial multinational agrochemical giant. Activists, including the theatrical rabble-rouser and former New York City mayoral candidate Rev. Billy Talen, are staging a demonstration at the company's headquarters on Thanksgiving day with a planned holiday meal intended to showcase foods that contrast sharply with the company's famous genetically modified crops. (The protesters are also urging non-participants to keep their own holiday feasts as natural and wholesome as possible by signing this pledge.)

Specific details about the menu are sketchy, but a rep for the irreverent reverend notes that vegetarian and vegan options will be available, and that the food is being donated and will be prepared that morning at a homeless shelter by local volunteers. Mealtime is scheduled for 1 p.m. Second helpings could come later, although probably not the organic kind. Rev. Talen, after all, has a knack for getting arrested at these things more than 50 times, according to his YouTube page and who knows what sort of processed slop they'll be serving in lockup.

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