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You haven't eaten everything at every takeout place in your neighborhood, you just say you have. Challenge yourself with Seamless Roulette, the genius new website taking the time and effort out of What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner. Sparkling cider sauerkraut sounds like it would take forever.

The concept's way too easy: simply input your Seamless username and password (uh…), then, since you clearly trust the internet with your life, pick a maximum amount to spend and let fate order for you. You could end up with something perfectly normal that, to your delight, you actually haven't had in a while. Mushroom and pepper pizza, eh? Okay, right on, that's cool. As a matter of fact I was just thinking about mee krob! (That's a lie, nobody ever thinks about mee krob.)

The other side of the coin? You might end up with fake crab-stuffed, thawed-out sole fillet, but you'll still get that sweet gambling high and your cat will be pretty happy with the one-two punch of your misfortune and leftover fish.

Go ahead, indulge your inner kid and go for the "mystery prize." It could be anything, even mee krob.

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