So hey, I love Chromeo. I loved ’em last year when I interviewed them at Electric Zoo, and long before that. Why all the love, besides the fact that they’re awesome musicians? The electro-pop duo’s from Montreal, one of our favorite food cities in the world, and they really value excellent food — something that’s not always easy to get on the road. I circled back around with Dave 1 and P-Thugg at Governor’s Ball a few weekends ago to see what’s good eatin’ in their world and inquire about this new car of P’s I heard about through a mutual friend.

P, my friend just sent me a picture of you guys in front of your new Porsche. Are people allowed to eat in it?
P-Thugg: People are definitely not allowed to eat, fart, drink, smoke or breathe in my car. And you can’t speak to me until you’re spoken to.

It is a really nice car. 
It’s an ’83 Porsche 944.

And what did that license plate say? 
[laughs] 2Fonky4U.

Aha. OK, moving on to food. I’m working on a new sandwich called the “Hot Mess.” What’s in it?
Dave 1: Oh, wow. A sandwich called the “Hot Mess?” Hmm…chipotle, prosciutto, provolone, oil and vinegar, what else? 
P-Thugg: Russian dressing, pickled eggplants, and a bit of spinach. That’s a hot mess.

I’m suddenly very hungry. What’s the last really good meal you cooked at home?
Dave 1: I don’t really cook at home. But I was on vacation with my parents a couple weeks ago, and every meal my mom made was unbelievable.

Anything make you want to shack up at home and just eat her food forever?
Oh, I get that way anytime I get food at home from my parents. I don’t want to move home because I’m probably a little old for that.

P, I know you like to cook. What’s the last awesome thing you made?
Grape leaves. I fucking nailed it…with the help of my mother. You buy pickled grape leaves, open them up, roll up rice and meat with a little bit of secret spices and freeze them — that’s a technique my mother uses so they stay tight. Then you put them in a pot with a lot of butter, lemon and olive oil and boil them with lamb chops for about two hours to give them flavor. Then you serve them with tzatziki.

Hang on, I’m writing this down. Okay, so clearly you guys are really into food. Is there anything special on your tour rider that you have to have?
Dave 1: The only stuff we really need to have is Throat Coat [tea], Halls and water. You don’t want to project a picky image with promoters as a band. “Get me caviar,” that’s not us. We’re into food, but we’re not going to get a promoter to buy us fancy stuff. We can go low-brow too. There’s nothing wrong with going to the corner and having a Philly cheesesteak, what’s wrong with that? You don’t want to be snobbish. Every food person that is snobby is not a real food person.

Give me a street taco full of tongue and I’m happy.
Dave 1:
Yeah, exactly. Or a fucking grilled cheese.

Last question: Would you rather die set in the middle of a fine French terrine in Provence or grated into a fondue overlooking the Alps?
Dave 1: Oh, wow. Alps. I want a raclette, not a fondue. In a little raclette tray.
P-Thugg: With potatoes and sausage.

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