Right now, comedian Jon Glaser is likely wearing a City Sub hat. It’s probably a very comfortable hat. It might even be a good luck charm. Dude has been on a bit of a winning streak as the star and writer of Delocated on Adult Swim, a show based around a reality TV star thrust into the witness protection program. (Glaser wears a ski mask and his voice is robotically concealed for maximum weirdness.) But I’m pretty sure the formar Late Night With Conan O’Brien regular just loves his Brooklyn sandwich local that much. Well, he loves sandwiches. We recently connected to talk about the subject.

I know you’re a fan of City Sub, I saw the hat in a recent interview you did. Do you like that place, or is that just a cool hat?
I love City Sub. That place is awesome. It’s just super simple, but good. Nothing fancy. They just have everything you want. Pretty good bread, decent quality deli meat that’s not high end, but is delicious. It is not too expensive. It’s just a cool dive-y place.

It’s like a throwback place, without the artisanal baguette bullshit. What’s your go-to sandwich there?
I’m not sure. I don’t even know, maybe the number 14. Whatever is the smoked turkey, smoked ham and smoked gouda.

What was the last sandwich you ate?
I just had two eggs on a roll for breakfast. I don’t think that counts. That’s sort of a breakfast sandwich. The last sandwich I ate was just yesterday and it was something from Whole Foods. Have you seen that web series that guy does, Seven Minutes in Heaven? It’s a writer from SNL and it’s just interviewing people in a closet as if they are doing that game. I was doing that yesterday and they brought in some food for the shoot. It was this turkey club that was actually pretty good.

Is it scary when people bring you random food?
I don’t know if it’s scary. You’re certainly at the whim of what their choices are. I just asked them, “If I can get a sandwich it’d be great.”

Do you know the Fred Pinner song that goes sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine. He’s a Canadian folk singer.
Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine? I’ll look it up.

Let’s talk about why do you enjoy a sandwich over other foodstuffs like a salad or ramen?
I guess I just enjoy the many possibilities. It’s really limitless and endless to the imagination. I’m curious to see what combos either others present to me or I come up with myself. You get a good combination of food and good bread is key.

The bread is essential. What bread bums you out?
Like a shitty wheat or seven grain bread is a bummer. I don’t really have many sandwiches on that bread. I like a good hearty semolina or ciabatta.

Were you a fan of the Zingerman’s sandwich when you attended the University of Michigan?
I think it might be called Pat & Dick’s Honeymooner. It’s the honey turkey on grilled challah with honey cut mustard. It’s delicious.

Name some of your other sandwich spots in New York.
I do think No. 7 Sub is pretty good. Potbelly is good. I know that’s a chain.

What do you like about No. 7 Sub?
The interesting concoctions that they put together. They had one with bologna that was amazing, but they don’t have them anymore.

Why should they bring it back?
Just tasty and good. I think it might have had grated Brussels sprouts around it as well. It was just a good sandwich. I don’t know why he’d get rid of it!

You do voice work. Have you ever had to eat food or a sandwich into a microphone while doing voice work?
Not that I can remember. I did just eat a sausage when I did Marc Maron’s podcast. It was really obnoxious eating right into the mic.

You did this whole Subway commercial concept for Delocated. Did they pay you with money, or in Subway stamps?
I got paid money.

Are you a fan of Subway?
I certainly don’t mind Subway. I think it’s pretty good.

They paid you money, so you probably do like them.
They paid me money, so I do like Subway. I do like Subway, so I’m not just saying that.

When you did the bits with the Skins Bar and the Nacho Bar, was that from anything that happened in your life. Have you seen a Skins Bar before?
Not that I can recall. I’ve seen something close, nothing specifically a potato skins bar.

Have you had any weird buffet experiences?
Only thing that comes to mind is a sushi bar in L.A. I can’t remember the name of the place. But it was this all you can eat sushi and just tons of rolls and food and it was kind of disgusting.

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